4 Ideas to Help You Design Your Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home; it’s a place that instantly wins people over and gives a glimpse of who you are. Your kitchen requires careful planning – it should be open, calming, and allow room for character. For your kitchen to be aesthetically pleasing, opt for something that is in sync with your personal style and is highly functional as well. The best way to attain this is with a modern kitchen.

The modern kitchen is efficient with clean and open spaces and reflects your style in the best way possible. If you want to transform your kitchen into a modern kitchen that offers adequate storage space and exemplifies innovation, then these ideas are all you need. Whether you’re planning to design your 2 bhk flat in Mumbai or 1 BHK in Pune, this article will help you curate the best kitchen design ideas.

  1. U Shaped And L Shaped Layouts

    The U-shaped and L-shaped kitchens are best suited for square rooms and are perfect for both small and large kitchens. Both these types of kitchens put the sink, refrigeration and the space for cooking appliances within direct range and easy reach. Clear flow through the area and safety are significant, so ensure your kitchen is optimised accordingly.

  2. Place The Microwave At The Right Height

    Placing your microwave at the right height might not seem imperative, but once you know why it’s recommended, you understand its importance. Depending on the comfortability, the height of the ceiling of your kitchen, how safe and kid-friendly your kitchen is and the countertop levels, you can find the perfect microwave height. If you want to introduce the microwave to your kids, then the countertop setup will be the safer and more sensible option. However, if you want to keep the microwave out of the reach of children, then it’s better to place it in a higher position.

  3. Keep The Items Within Reach

    While organising your food storage and pantry, you must be strategic and mindful of what you store there. Ensure that you are measuring the heights of the storage containers and carefully place frequently used objects. While you are still planning for your kitchen, decide if you will place the small appliances in the pantry. You can have the cabinets reach up the ceiling to save space and for putting the occasionally used products on the higher shelves.

  4. Keep An Eye Out For The Latest Colours And Styles

    Your modern kitchen should have an organic and natural touch, which can be attained with natural stone, rich wood, and a mix of textures. The most innovative way to do this is by preparing a mood board of your favourite ideas by scrolling through pictures of kitchens on Pinterest. Kitchen colour ideas are dominated by deep and dark shades such as black, blue, green and violet. The rough wood and deep textures blend perfectly with these and will make your kitchen look minimalistically modern and add an undeniable charm to it at your 2 BHK flat in Mumbai.

These are some of the most straightforward and accomplishable ideas to achieve an impeccable modern kitchen. Whenever you decide to restyle your kitchen or design your kitchen in your new 2 bhk in Mumbai, try incorporating these ideas and achieve a highly functional and efficient modern kitchen.