Kitchen Mixer: Should You Repair or Replace?

should you repair or replace a stand mixerA sturdy, tough kitchen mixer is supposed to last forever, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Even the best kitchen mixers can fall into disrepair, suffer from being dropped, or simply just age.

Making the choice to buy a new one or invest in making repairs could end up being more costly than it should be. Luckily, we broke down exactly what to do when your kitchen mixer breaks down.

We’re going to focus on tips for fixing or replacing Kitchen Aid kitchen mixers because of their popularity, but most of these tips apply to other brand name kitchen mixers as well (such as Sunbeam and other top brands).

Let’s get into it!

Repairing Your Kitchen Mixer

You can repair your kitchen mixer yourself, or you can have your kitchen mixer repaired professionally. Let’s compare both options.

Do It Yourself

There are resources around the web that will show you step by step how to repair your kitchen mixer by yourself. This may sound a little scary. Bear with us.

Consider the fact that the kitchen mixer’s worm gear is the most part of a mixer that will need repair. A worm gear is a mixer part that is supposed to break down throughout the life of your mixer.

Most kitchen mixer owners, especially those who use their mixer for making thick doughs, will encounter this issue at least once or twice during their mixer’s lifetime.




Investigating lists of various mixer brands and their common problems and issues is also a good idea if you aren’t sure what is wrong with your kitchen mixer. This way, you can look into common issues with your particular mixer and match the symptoms up.

You can also try looking up reviews from a trustworthy review website and comparing common issues that customers have complained about.

Simple instructions for fixing your mixer:

  • Unscrew the underside of the top part of your stand mixer. You will never need screwdrivers and pliers for this part, and remember to be gentle.
  • Inside, you will notice the machinery has a ton of grease for motor lubrication. Wipe as much of this off so you can properly examine the parts.
  • Look for a round disk-like gear made of metal and plastic. It will be hard to miss, especially if its edges have been shredded. This part is the fail-safe gear that takes damage to prevent the motor from getting damaged.
  • Replace the gear with a new one, put everything back together, and remember to replace all that grease you removed with new grease.
  • Voila! That was crazy easy, right? If your kitchen mixer isn’t completely functional after this fix, carry on to the next section.

You can buy the necessary parts that may need to be replaced through outlets that carry official Kitchen Aid mixer parts, too.

Trust A Pro

Kitchen mixers are very simple devices in all of their varying speeds and sizes. They can usually be fixed with ease.

However, if you’re simply to intimidated by the idea of taking your expensive mixer apart and fixing it by yourself, you can absolutely look into getting it repaired by a professional.

First, be sure to check if your kitchen mixer has a warranty. If your mixer breaks down during this warranty period, you may not have to get it repaired at all. The manufacturer may just send you a new one, or they will pay for shipping and have you send the item to them for repairs.

Check reputable sites like Angie’s List and Home Advisor for good reviews for appliance repair shops.

Before bringing your kitchen mixer in to get fixed, be sure to call and ask for a quote. It would be pretty lame to end up with a $300 repair bill for a $250 kitchen mixer.

You should also consider going independent. Customers who go through independent repair shops are usually more satisfied with their kitchen appliances’ repairs.

Factory service and department store repair shops are usually much more expensive than independent shops, and the quality of the repairs can be hit or miss.

Plus, supporting an independent small business is just a really cool thing to do.

If the cost of repairs outweighs the cost of the kitchen mixer, it may be a good idea to just replace it with a new mixer.

Purchasing A New Kitchen Mixer Color

If you decide that it is time to purchase a brand-new mixer altogether, you should consider the following tips:

Really Weigh Your Options

If you have a simple hand mixer that is broken, more often than not it is usually cheaper and easier to just replace it with a new one.

If you have an expensive kitchen stand mixer, repairing it yourself or bringing it into a shop may be a lot cheaper than replacing it.

If your kitchen mixer is really, really old, or if you’ve gone through two or three worm gear replacements, it may be time to upgrade to the newer and better mixer for your home or bakery.

Study Warranties

This is important.

Sometimes, you will get lucky and your broken kitchen mixer is covered by a manufacturer warranty.

You don’t have to deal with shopping for a new mixer and the company will replace it for free. Awesome!

The bad news, however, is that on average less than fifteen percent of broken kitchen mixers and other kitchen appliances are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty when they broke.

That means that either the damage wasn’t covered by the manufacturer or the warranty expired long ago.

Regardless, you should look into whether or not your item is covered by a warranty and if you can score a brand new mixer. There’s nothing better than going from old and broken to brand spankin’ new for free.

In the future, remember to always go the extra mile with an expensive kitchen appliance and get extended warranties. Look into brands that offer free repairs and replacements for their products as well.

Investigate Reviews

For every appliance you buy for your kitchen (not just big expensive ones like kitchen mixers) you should check for reviews of the product online. Unhappy and very happy customers who are passionately dissatisfied or satisfied will usually take the time to write a review.

Be wary of brand pages with absolutely no negative feedback whatsoever. Some brands will engage in dishonest marketing and delete unsavory comments from their product pages.

There are also a ton of kitchen appliance review websites out there that are dedicated to providing honest feedback about products.

Get Cooking!

It can definitely be stressful when an expensive appliance breaks. We hope these helpful tips helped you make a decision about your broken kitchen mixer!

Do you have a kitchen mixer repair tip? Tell us about it in the comments!