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Hi and thanks for visiting our web site. This web site was born out of our daughters interest in cooking, which started with thinking about whether we should buy her a kitchen stand mixer given how much she loves to bake.

After scouring the web and finding way too many spam sites with dubious reviews, we decided to put our research and web skills together to create a site where we can do quality research and post our findings. The goal is to save you hours of reading reviews across various sites and leverage the searches we were already doing anyway.

At, we scour the web, read the reviews, and do the research to save you time – and money. Our objective is to present as much information around kitchen tools like hand and stand mixers so you can make an informed buying decision.

We take “the web” of information available on mixers, how to use them, and what thousands of people are saying, and try to boil it down into a form that you can consume in a few short minutes – ahead of possibly buying the wrong mixer for your needs.

We fund the site [hosting, pictures and graphics, guest posts and contests, author teams, etc.] through our status as an amazon affiliate – so we get a (tiny) commission from Amazon if you click through to Amazon and buy something on there. While we may be a few years away from seeing this actually pay for our expenses, we are hopeful, and of course are having fun.

We are also on pinterest as well.

Feel free to contact us at any time with suggestions, feedback, or if you are interested in seeing your product, your review, etc. considered for our site.

Dave & Laurie