This page has nothing to do with kitchen decorations, mixers, or organization – unless maybe you are watching movies in your kitchen! I wanted to capture some other interests we have related to our favorite movies – a lot of this is replicated on our pinterest board as well. Sorry for the sidetrack but maybe take a break from looking at mixers!

So excuse us while we take a brief break from obsessions around our kitchen!

Footloose – The Original

The original Footloose – what more can we say? I loved it, have seen it more than 10 times, and have not been able to bring myself to watch the remake. I was in my junior year in high school when this movie first came out.

With Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer, and John Lithgow in the main cast, I was in heaven. The movie made me laugh, was sad in spots, but had a happy ending. Which is a must for me – I need a movie that takes me up and down emotionally but leaves me feeling good afterwards.



One of my all time favorite sports movies, in addition to another one a little further down the page. Released in 1986 [noticing a theme here with release years and my favorite movies?], it retells the story of a small town basketball team in Indiana who made the state finals in 1954, stunning the sports world as it existed at the time.

With Gene Hackman, Barbara Hershey, and Dennis Hopper, this inspirational sports story had multiple sub-plots that kept you glued to the screen. A coach with a checkered past, a single woman who came back from the big city, a troubled youth who was a basketball prodigy, and an alcoholic sports fan and dad looking for redemption.

What more could you ask for? My favorite scene in Hoosiers had to be when Gene Hackman and the team first arrived at the state championship stadium, and he had the players measure the court – to prove that it was just another basketball court just like the one at home.


Rocky (I & II)

I’ve loved reading how Sylvestor Stallone went against all odds to get this movie made. He was originally offered 300,000 for the script but turned it down when he was told he couldn’t be the lead actor.

This is a man who at the time had a whopping total of $106 in his bank account! His story of perseverance in getting the movie made the way he wanted, and even ensuring it got to the theaters, is reminiscent of the entire Rocky theme! The underdog!


Rocky I was my favorite, with Rocky II a very close second. The other sequels were good, and I’ve seen most of them multiple times, but they never triggered the same emotional reaction I got watching the first two!


The Letter Writer – A Sleeper You May Have Missed

You may have missed the move “The Letter Writer” – however, you should add it to your list to see. It is a fantastic story of an older man in a nursing home who writes letters – and one letter is accidentally delivered to a struggling teenager named Maggie. When she tracks down where the letter came from and forms a bond with the man, magic happens. A true family movie and one that highlights the endearing effect relationships can have on your life.


Same Time Next Year

If you are an Alan Alda fan, you should know this movie. In fact you should have watched “Same Time Next Year” at least 5 times right? Made in 1978, the movie is based almost entirely at an inn on the coast of Medocinco County.

The movie basically tracks their meeting at this inn over a period of 26 years for what has to be one of the longest affairs in movie lore. I love it because this once yearly tryst becomes part of their life – who they are, how they relate to the times, and becomes the one constant in their lives.

I found it fascinating to watch their changes over the years – their clothes, their topics of conversation, their relationship and discussion of their respective spouses. Truly a fun and unique movie to watch, and one that has a very poignant ending that is worth the journey. You can’t go wrong with the movie “Same Time Next Year”.

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The Notebook

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t love every Nicholas Sparks book or movie. In fact, many argue his books are too formula based and after reading a few you can lose interest as the plots are very similar across titles. However, I did love the Notebook movie. The way it was filmed, the flashback sequences, and the hint of mystery and power of enduring love in the face of tragedy is inspiring.

If you haven’t seen it maybe consider it for your next date night.


The Christmas Candle

I just watched this last night on Amazon prime. Wow what an amazing movie. Every 25 years an angel visits the candlemaker in the village of Gladbury in England, and blesses a single candle. Whomever lights the candle can pray and make a wish and it will be granted.

While it sounds  a bit cheesy, it isn’t. There are multiple sub-plots abounding in this, not the least of which is a young minister who comes to the village with his faith shattered years before by the death if his wife and daughter.

Set in the 1890’s, the scenery, period costumes, and acting is all superb. The year the minister arrives is the 25th year and the miracle candle is due to make its appearance.

It it at points sad, characters have to test their faith in both the candle and God, and pull themselves out of a depressing village outlook. Worth your time to watch trust me. Not your usual Christmas movie. From famous author Max Lucado.