Kenmore Elite

Kenmore appliance logoMaking its debut on sewing machines in the year 1913, the four-drawer drop feed sewing machine sold until 1919. In 1927 Kenmore introduced their first washing machine, this created an uproar in the laundry market and by 1936, Sears had already sold about 1 million Kenmore laundry appliances.

The rise of the Kenmore brand into being the America’s favorite home appliance brand was quite rapid, leading to the legitimate boast of being the leader in automatic household appliances.

This was due in part to their focus on listening to the needs of consumers and inventing solutions to fix it. An example can be seen in the late 1920s after a great percentage of urban homes were wired for electricity. Sears acknowledged the huge untapped market for electric household appliances and ventured into it by offering a vast variety of Kenmore appliances.

After World War II, the Kenmore brand kitchen ranges were reintroduced, and Sears helped in the revolution of home decor by introducing the Kenmore Harmony House line.

This new category of home decor featured the latest design and technology in automatic electric clothes washing machines and dryers. The new designs came in bright colors including Sunshine Yellow, Aquamarine, and Malibu Coral.

Shortly after that, Kenmore became a prominent brand in the kitchen appliance market with the introduction of dishwashers as part of the Kenmore brand appliance family. Soon the renowned Kenmore microwave oven was also welcomed into the family and was accompanied by a wide assortment of other kitchen appliances throughout the years.

Today, the Kenmore brand boasts of an extensive line of kitchen and other automatic appliances, with a reputation as being well-built with  modern designs. You can find a Kenmore Elite product of some type in almost every home in America. This is a result of their long-term strategy to provide products that reflect the consumer’s demand.

Following the trends of today, most user’s have ranked Kenmore Elite Dishwashers to be excellent and always scrub dishes regardless how thick the food item was caked on, and also the large majority of Kenmore dishwashers are typically so gentle that you simply don’t even know they’re running.Kenmore Elite Stand Mixer

The small kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, food processors, blenders, stand and hand mixers, countertop microwave, and burners are frequently re-designed by Kenmore to meet the changing needs of customers.

With these changes, they have made their kitchen appliances more comfortable and a better design fit for the modern kitchen – especially the blenders and mixers.

A variety of speed options within their mixer and blender products enable you to achieve your desired texture in smoothies and other recipes. These mixers also possess a high power capacity, which makes them faster in stirring and also very effective in mixing dough or other similar items.


The Kenmore Elite Mixers also come with a whole variety of accessories, which can definitely come in handy in the kitchen, with a large range of colors to select from that matches your kitchen decor.