7 Health Benefits Of Black Coffee


For all the coffee lovers out there, black coffee might not be the best coffee drink out there, and we absolutely get that. Who wouldn’t like a nice and creamy iced latte, right? But if you are someone who prefers to drink their coffee straight, we see you, and we’ve got some great news for you!

Black coffee does more than just energise you or boost up your mood. They have a ton of health benefits that make them the perfect morning drink! There have been a lot of studies in recent years on the impact of coffee on both our physical and mental health.

In this blog title, we will discuss some of the best and most fascinating research-based benefits of black coffee. Let’s get brewing!

How to Make Black Coffee?

Making a cup of black coffee is the easiest beverage recipe out there!
You can either use pre-ground coffee or grind your own coffee powder from whole, roasted coffee beans. And since there are a lot of options available these days, finding the coffee that best fits your taste buds might require some time and experimentation.

P.S. Freshly ground coffee beans taste better and produce a more aromatic and flavourful cup.

Now that you have picked out your favourite coffee powder or beans, you can go ahead and make yourself a cup of black coffee in the following methods:

  • The pour-over method
  • The auto-drip method
  • A french press
  • Iced coffee
  • Cold brew
  • Instant coffee

Cheers to enjoying the perfect cup of black coffee!

7 Health Benefits of Black Coffee

  1. Low in calories

    A lot of people add cream, sugar, whole milk, or creamers with artificial sweeteners to their coffee. Though they can taste delicious, they’re not really the best option when it comes to calories.

    Yes, coffee has great health benefits. But if you add heavy flavourings with high sugar and fat content, how is it different from eating ice cream for breakfast?! On the other hand, black coffee has no sugar, fat, or calories!

    Black coffee is a guilt-free option that can be added to any meal of the day without worrying about how it will affect your overall diet.

  2. Reduced risk of cancer

    Some types of cancer, such as oral, prostate, liver, and colorectal cancer, may be prevented with coffee. Though many researchers still don’t know why coffee lowers the risk of developing cancer, the fact that coffee contains a lot of antioxidants could be a contributing factor.

    There are still many undergoing research on why and how black coffee can reduce the risk of cancer.

  3. Improves liver health

    Coffee seems to provide protection against liver cancer and liver cirrhosis, a kind of advanced chronic liver disease distinguished by fibrosis. Fibrosis is the scarring and eventual degeneration of liver tissue.

    According to studies, consuming coffee can lower your risk of developing cirrhosis, especially when the damage is caused by alcohol. Regular coffee drinkers who drink up to 4 cups daily have an 80% lower risk of developing liver cirrhosis and many other related health issues.

  4. Gives you more physical energy

    We’re all pretty aware that drinking coffee can make you feel instantly energized and ready to hustle through the day. However, we might not really know the scientific reason behind this.

    According to research, coffee increases epinephrine and norepinephrine, sometimes known as adrenaline and noradrenaline. Higher levels of these hormones enhance the performance and capabilities of the body.

    In fact, athletes frequently consume black coffee as a “pre-workout” to increase performance in a healthy way.

  5. Reduced risk of diabetes

    Type-2 diabetes is a serious medical condition that is frequently linked to obesity and can cause a wide range of other health issues. It occurs when a person’s body is unable to use insulin to transport glucose (sugar) into cells, causing blood sugar levels to rise.

    According to many studies, coffee consumption can lower the chance of developing diabetes. Since we already saw that black coffee does not contain calories, fat, or sugar, it only makes sense that it helps reduce the risk of the disease.

  6. Protection against neurodegenerative diseases

    Did you know drinking coffee can increase your alertness? In fact, the caffeine it contains is recognized as a nootropic- a chemical that improves cognition and the brain.

    Keeping this in mind, many researchers have found that coffee consumption can reduce the risk of diseases like Parkinson’s, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

    It has been found that coffee consumers had a 16% reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s than non-drinkers. Similar to this, Parkinson’s disease primarily affects elderly persons. According to studies, drinking more coffee can lower your risk of Parkinson’s disease.

    All these health benefits are primarily attributed to the high level of caffeine present in black coffee.

  7. Boosts your mood

    Lastly, black coffee also boosts your mood and makes you feel a lot better throughout the day. If you’re a coffee lover who looks forward to coffee breaks to relieve stress or someone whose mornings are incomplete without a hot cup of coffee, there’s a scientific reason behind feeling so!

    Caffeine naturally boosts dopamine levels while preventing the buildup of adenosine in our systems. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that promotes positive feelings in our bodies and minds. This leads to a more alert, motivated, and joyful mind.

    Caffeine also deters adenosine receptors, thus, increasing energy and motivation.

Possible Downsides of Black Coffee

Just like most foods and beverages, coffee can have its own side effects too. However, you don’t have to worry about it if you consume coffee in moderation and not too often.

Here are some possible downsides of black coffee that you need to be aware of:

  • Considering the fact that black coffee is acidic in nature, people who are sensitive to acidic foods and beverages, and those who have ulcers or other stomach problems, should avoid drinking it.
  • Black coffee can also result in a hike in blood pressure. Caffeine causes a sudden rise in blood pressure, particularly among those who rarely drink coffee. People with high BP should consult a doctor before drinking black coffee.
  • It is a well-known fact that caffeine can disrupt the body’s normal circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle). You should not consume black coffee in excess since it may result in decreased energy, fatigue, and restlessness.
  • Excess consumption of coffee is also associated with bladder problems. The caffeine in the beverage can lead to frequent urination and other bladder problems in the long run.
  • Apart from all these, frequent consumption of strong black coffee can have general downsides like anxiety, mood disorders, rapid heart rate, stomach upset, insomnia, headache, and nausea.

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If you love taking a coffee break during your busy day to feel more energized and motivated to get back to work, you must probably consider trying a cup of black coffee the next time! Black coffee has double the benefits of the usual coffee drink made with milk, sugar, and other sweeteners.

Black coffee is a very healthy option as it contains very few calories and comes with a ton of other health benefits that have been proven by researchers and studies worldwide.

From reducing the risk of certain cancers and neurological diseases to improving your mood and boosting performance, a strong cup of black coffee is enough to get you through it all!

So, if you haven’t tried out this magic drink yet, this is your sign to brew yourself some fresh and flavorful coffee! And remember to get your coffee powders from Levista for a memorable coffee experience.