Oster brand of appliances and kitchen accessoriesAppearing first in the grooming industry in 1924, Mr. John Oster marketed a well designed hand-operated hair clipper for styling and cutting women’s hair. In 1928, he introduced a new motor-driven clipper; this invention gave his business a boost to the forefront of the market.

With this development, John Oster decided to create another category for his brand which was for small house electrical appliances and in 1946 he purchased the Steven Electric Company which at the time was mainly manufacturing drink mixers for soda fountains and bars.

A team was then set aside to find ways of improving mixers for other uses and complete an experiment originated by Mr. Steven J. Poplawski (the inventor of the kitchen blender). This marked the origins of the Osterizer Blender, which was an amazingly successful brand in the kitchen appliance market, making Oster a household name within a relatively short period.

Although better known now for kitchen appliances, the Oster brand still supplies the professional hair market with hair trimmers, clippers, and other hair grooming essentials with powerful motors and cutting-edge features.

Oster kitchen appliances exploded into the American market, however, making it one of the leading brands throughout the United States.

After purchasing the company that invented the liquefier blender, Oster has supplied the kitchen appliance market with wonderful innovative kitchen equipment like toasters, breadmakers, juice extractors, mixers, etc. all meant to simplify and improve the blending and cooking process.

In 1960, the John Oster Manufacturing Company was purchased by the Sunbeam Corporation. The good thing about this is that the Sunbeam Corporation has maintained and even improved on the Oster brand legacy, making sure each product is manufactured with strong craftsmanship and construction materials that are durable enough to withstand daily uses. A focus on constantly adding quality features helps differentiate them in the marketplace.Oster Stand mixer

Aside from mixers and blenders, the fantastic toaster oven has also built quite a reputation in the appliance market. Features such as different sizes, 60-minute timers, auto-shut off, and other convenience and safety mechanisms has turned this into a countertop staple.

The Oster BPST02-B Professional Series Blender is commonly known as a bar blender. This is a commercial-quality blender that caters specifically to making fresh fruit smoothies as well as frozen drinks – with no chunks of ice leftover, without getting stuck halfway through, or burning up the motor after a few smoothies.

Going through the list of all the Oster products and their reviews have proven a few things – they are a top-notch kitchen appliance because they possess all the possible features of an excellent appliance, ranging from power to innovative design, quality, price, and warranty.

The Oster brand has grown to be an icon of style and quality in the kitchen appliance industry.


Oster Brand

AttachmentUsesList PriceCurrent Price
oster blenderFondue, soups, yogurts and more299.99Current Price
oster toaster ovenHomemade pasta249.99Current Price
oster waffle makerJuices from fruits and vegetables, sauces, jams249.99Current Price
oster rice cookerDice, slice, julienne, and shred veggies, fruits, and cheeses249.99
Current Price
oster stand mixerMake 6 different types of pasta from scratch189.99Current Price
oster hand mixerGrind, shred, slice, and strain.174.99Current Price
oster microwaveHomemade Ravioli169.99Current Price
oster clipperWide range of fresh fruit and veggie recipes.149.99Current Price
oster air fryerGrind (mill) grains - corn, rice, wheat, oats149.99Current Price