I love Christmas. My wife accuses me of watching too many sappy Christmas movies, and I admit I do love Christmas Movies that have a theme of miracles, people being good, and basically happy endings. Life is hard enough – why watch a Christmas film that is going to make you sad?

We’ve always had artificial Christmas Trees with the exception of one year when we tried a real tree in our house in Colorado. It was nice, but honestly we forgot to water the tree a couple of times and saw almost an immediate impact! And disposal of it was a problem as well as our city didn’t provide Christmas Tree pickup service. So, ever since we’ve had artificial Christmas trees, and honestly love them!

We decorate ours with traditional mini Christmas lights, although we’ve been tempted the last 2 years to try the new LED Christmas lights. Hard to justify the expense though, since our existing lights are working just fine. We typically go with a single color theme for our tree versus multi-colored.

This page is put together just to share and have a landing place from Pinterest for a series of incredible photos of holiday decorations, Christmas trees decorated, some more abstract tree designs, and of course ornament and Santa Clause scenes. We hope you enjoy them!


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