Buyer beware right? It is what we are taught our entire life. So you want to do your homework before you make a purchase decision – smart. We do as well.

So why should you trust any information on this site? Simple – We condense hours upon hours of research down into concise, actionable information you can digest to help you make a decision. We don’t sit back and make up plausible stories on how good a mixer may or may not be.

On average our research consists of the following:

  • Reading through thousands of reviews across multiple sites – not just amazon.
  • Checking out our competitor sites to see if they uncovered anything we missed.
  • Filtering out misinformed feedback – i.e. if someone is rating a $90 Hamilton Beach mixer poorly after trying to make 4 batches of rye bread, we discount it. They chose the wrong product for their intended use.
  • Extrapolating key trends both pros and cons, and summarizing them in short bullet lists and comparison tables.
  • Providing links so you can go direct to Amazon to read more if desired.

Do we order every model of mixer and mix thousands of batches of cookies? NO. That would be insane – and certainly break our bank accounts. Why not rely on the hundreds and thousands of others that have already done that – and bring it to one place for you to review in minutes versus hours.

Do we find targeted video reviews and provide links to them so you can see more limited, single recipe testing from others – YES.

Do we save you hours of research by doing it ourselves and presenting you with the cliff notes – YES.

Our job as product specialists is to review all available information we can find, filter it for credibility, then present you with key findings.

What do we get in return? We earn a small commission from Amazon if you buy a product from them after clicking through any of our Amazon links. So you help maintain this site and ensure it always has a home on the Internet when you click through to Amazon and make a purchase.

And the best part – we love Amazon. Most of what we order for our own house comes from Amazon. Their return policy is next to none [we have even returned a $200 bicycle as it was the wrong size for our son – no questions asked, and they paid for shipping and scheduled the UPS pickup at our house]. So that is why you don’t find links to other merchants on our site.

Could we possibly make more commissions from other merchants? Sure. But our personal experience as a power buyer from Amazon positions them as the best merchant from whom to do business with. And quite simply, we want to treat you like we treat ourselves – and not direct you to other merchants regardless of what they may offer us for the referral.

So enjoy the information we strive to provide. Our KitchenAid comparison article, for example, represents approximately 40 hours of research, 10 hours of writing and editing, and 2 hours of final review before publishing. We work hard to make sure you save time and make the right choice for your home.

Thanks for visiting our site, and we ALWAYS welcome ideas for future research and recommendations.

Dave & Laurie