Perfect Stand Mixer for 2019

Stand mixer mixing ingredients

Stand mixer used to mix baking ingredients

The stand mixer is one of the most helpful and elite of the kitchen appliances. It doesn’t have the utilitarian status of a toaster or a microwave, and it’s more versatile than a fondue pot or a poaching pan. Having a stand mixer can make baking a breeze, and there’s nothing quite like not ever having to beat egg whites by hand again.

When it comes to stand mixers, there are dozens of options on the market. Which one you choose depends on what your needs and your budget are. Read on the learn about which machine will be the best stand mixer for you.


The Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer Pro 5-Quart Die-Cast Stand Mixer is a solid option for those who find themselves in need of a stand mixer every so often. If you bake every day or even multiple times a week, this may not be the best choice for you. But for its class, it has some unique features that make it appealing.

For one thing, as the name suggests, the Breville Scraper Mixer has a unique attachment that scrapes the sides of the bowl as you mix. This means no more stopping the mixer, scraping down the sides with a spatula, and starting up again. It also has some nifty auto load sensing and auto timer features that you’ll enjoy.


If you find yourself using a stand mixer every week or so, but not every single day, the Cuisinart SM-55 5 ½-Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer is a good choice for you. This mixer has a motor that gets great ratings and will stick with you for years. To ensure this, the Cuisinart mixer comes with a three-year warranty.

Like many stand mixers, the Cuisinart mixer comes with a standard paddle, a whisk, a dough hook, and a splash guard. It is excellent at whipping air into things, including cake batter, egg whites, and cream. It’s a solid choice for a middle-of-the-line stand mixer.

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach makes several decent mixers for the casual baker working on a budget. Their Electrics All Metal Stand Mixer is a solid option for those looking to get a good mid-range mixer without breaking the bank. As its name suggests, the mixer is made entirely from metal, which makes it a sturdy machine.

This stand mixer has a 4.5-quart bowl, which is a little smaller than some of the others on this list. If you find yourself needing to make eight dozen cookies at once, this may not be the best choice for you. But for those wanting to whip up a decent batch of chocolate chip cookies on a Saturday night, Hamilton Beach provides a good option.


When it comes to stand mixers, there’s little question that KitchenAid heads the pack. The company produces powerful stand mixers for everyone from casual bakers to professional chefs. Although their mixers only come with a one-year warranty, it’s not uncommon for these mixers to get passed down through generations.

The KitchenAid Bowl Lift Professional 600 Series stand mixer is the flagship mixer in KitchenAid’s lineup. Their mixers come in a variety of different colors and feature both a tilt-head and a bowl-lift option. There are those who would say that the bowl lift is the only way to go (it puts less wear on the wiring), but you may do as you like.


If you are a serious baker, the parent of several dozen children, or an actual cooking professional, the Verona/Magic Mill DLX Mixer/Electrolux Assistant/Ankarsrum Original stand mixer is the mixer for you. This hefty appliance has a whopping twelve pounds of dough capacity. For context, that means you can make about six loaves of bread in one super-size batch.

This mixer is made to last, so you can use it on a daily basis without worrying about it burning up the motor or stripping out the gears. Unlike many other traditional stand mixers, this machine is geared towards making bread. This means it ships only with the dough scraper and kneading attachments, rather than the traditional three.


Hobart is another brand to look at if you’re planning on some more serious baking. These machines are pricier than their Swedish cousins, but there’s no doubt they’re worth it. If you’re considering starting a bakery, you’re going to want a Hobart in your kitchen.

The Hobart N50-60 5-Quart 3-Speed All-Purpose Bench Mixer is a great choice for the serious amateur or professional baker. It’s small enough to fit in a home kitchen but powerful enough to manage a full baking load. In fact, its 1/6 horsepower motor is so powerful, labs use it to test concrete and mortar mixtures.

KitchenAid Proline

If you are a more serious baker, but your passion lies with cakes and cookies more than with breads, you should take a good look at the KitchenAid ProLine. As with all KitchenAid products, this mixer carries the quality guarantee of its brand. And while it has the same power as the Hobart and Ankarsrum mixers, it also brings the versatility of the other KitchenAid mixers.

The ProLine is equipped to handle large batches of bread if needed, but it also comes with versatility and finesse. This mixer can help you create amazing cake batters and scrumptious pizza doughs with equal ease. And with the quality inherent in the KitchenAid brand, you know you’ll be getting a machine that can last you a lifetime.

Find the Best Stand Mixer

Choosing the right stand mixer can be an exciting shopping process. Be realistic about your baking needs, and you’ll find the best stand mixer for you. (Look, we know it’s tempting to get a Hobart because they are just so cool, but we have to keep a practical view.)

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