How to Keep Kitchen Knives Sharp?

Do you know what the most frustrating thing in the kitchen is? When you are trying to cut the meat, vegetables or fruit, your knife is dull. It happens when your knife is made of low-quality material, or you have used it for a long time. In both cases, you need to sharpen it.

Sharpening your knife is not a very hard task as most people think, but if you have never done it before, it might be difficult for you, so we have compiled this article for you that will guide you to the simple steps on how you can sharpen your knife.


Sharp your Knife by Whetstone

This is the stone that is widely used to sharpen knives. There are two sides of the Whetstone; one is the more delicate side, while the other is the rough side. When you have to sharpen the knife, the best practice is to start from the rough side and start creating the sound of burr.

There are many techniques that are used to sharpen your knives. You can also sharpen one of the blades, which is the one-sided edge, and you can also go for the double-sided edge, also called the symmetrical grind. When you are done sharpening with the one side of Whetstone, you have to sharpen it on the finer side; it would make your knife smoother.


Sharp with your Mug

Sometimes you are at a remote place where you don’t have any equipment to sharpen the knife, so, in this situation, what would you do? So, to sharpen your knife, you have to take a ceramic mug from your kitchen cabinet and sharpen the knife with it. You might be thinking if I am mad or what?

But this is true; flip the mug and put the knife at the bottom side. Now move the knife forward and backwards. You have to do this by maintaining an angle of 20 degrees. After doing this for some time, check the time, and its sharpness will be improved. Though it would not be the same as you do with the honing rod still, you can use it.


Get Rid of these Sharpening Issues

If you are tired of all these sharpening issues of the knives, then you would need to purchase a knife that can retain the sharpness for a long time, or there are sharpeners attached to it. But finding these kinds of knives is tough, but after spending many hours, we got something for you.

The best American-made kitchen knife set, this article would help you eliminate these sharpening issues because it has many sets that have sharpening tools attached to them. It would automatically sharpen itself, and your problem will be solved.


Take Care of your Knives

Most people do not think twice about throwing their knives in the dishwasher. It might seem like a great idea to wash your knives with heat, water, and detergent; however, this overuse of chemicals will quickly dull your knives.

Hand-washing your knives will ensure they are as sharp as possible. The most important aspect of maintaining the sharpness of your knives is to sharpen them before each use, but washing them by hand should help them retain the sharpness.

Homeowners often put their knives in the dishwasher in addition to other utensils in the kitchen. Give your knives their designated storage area.

A drawer can be dedicated to knives alone. A wooden block or knife block can also be used to store them, as can a honing rod and a whole set of knives. A magnetic board might be used in commercial kitchens to access knives quickly.



Q: Why won’t my knives stay sharp?

Ans: The sharpening technique you choose will affect the edge you get. Sharpening at a lower angle will lengthen the time it takes to sharpen the knife. You need to stay at the correct angle once you’ve determined the correct angle. The dull edge will result if you rock back and forth.

Q: Why do knives lose sharpness?

Ans: Knives can lose their sharpness rapidly due to several possible causes. It may be that the blade is too thin, the edge was too thin when the knife was made, or the angle on the blade was too narrow when it was sharpened, or the blade is being used for a purpose other than its intended use, or it was stored incorrectly.



We show you tips on how to sharpen your knife very easily, but some people might find this hard, so we have a solution for them too, which we mentioned in the article above. Many knife sets come with a sharpener, so purchasing those will solve the sharpening problems for you.

Thank you