Kitchen Blender vs Mixer: What’s the Difference?

Blender versus mixer
Every cook asks at one time or another which is better – blender versus mixer? Maybe  you’re looking for a hand mixer. Something to make combining ingredients much less tedious. Maybe you need an appliance for baking or for soup making. Whether a blender or a mixer will meet your needs depends on what you will be using it for and whether you want another appliance sitting on your counter.

If you’ve searched for a hand mixer, odds are that you’ve come across two different products. These are a hand mixer and a hand blender.

Mixing and blending create the same outcome, right? So how do you know if you need to purchase a blender vs mixer?

Read on to learn about hand blenders and hand mixers and how to determine which appliance you need.

Blender vs mixer

What’s the difference between a blender vs mixer? Keep reading!

Let’s first discuss the purpose and use of a hand blender.

Hand blender

The purpose of a blender is to turn solid foods into liquids.

A hand blender is typically long and cylindrical. It comes with steel blades that are used to process and puree the ingredients.

Often times, a hand blender is called an immersion blender. Liquifying and pureeing is made ease with this type of appliance.

Looking to make a milkshake or lemonade? Want to make applesauce with slow-cooked apples? If so, a hand blender is the appliance you need.

Common uses

Common uses for a hand blender include:

  • Pureeing chunky soups
  • Making salad dressings or salsa
  • Whipping cream and egg whites
  • Creating juices or smoothies

Benefits of a hand blender

There are many benefits of a hand blender. Read on for the top 3 benefits.

1. Can be fully immersed in any liquid

Need to blend a soup? Want to turn tomatoes and peppers into a salsa? A hand blender can easily tackle the task!

With a hand blender, you don’t have to risk putting hot liquids into a stand blender. Instead, you can use the hand blender in the same container as the liquid.

There is no risk of splatter or burn!

2. Portable

Hand blenders are extremely portable. Unlike stand blenders, they don’t take up counter space. They can be taken anywhere.

Hand blenders require very little storage space. They can be packed for on-the-go needs. It is the ideal tool for at home and away from home usage.

3. Easy clean-up

One of the biggest problems with stand-alone appliances is the clean up. Cleaning a stand blender means cleaning all sorts of parts and pieces.

With a hand blender, you only have to clean the wand and the blade.

Fill a pot with warm water and soap, then turn the blender on. Voila, cleaning done!

Hand mixer

A mixer is meant to combine ingredients. Mixers aren’t ideal for turning a solid food into a liquid.

Hand mixers have two metal beaters. These mixers can use other attachments as well. If you grew up in the kitchen, odds are your mom used a hand mixer.

Common uses

Common uses for a hand mixer include:

  • Mixing cake batter or pudding
  • Whipping eggs, egg whites and cream
  • Making mashed potatoes
  • Mixing cookie dough and bread

Benefits of a hand mixer

A hand mixer makes manually intensive mixing a lot easier. Read on to learn the top 3 benefits of using a hand mixer.

1. Mixing made easy

Hand mixers make mixing much easier. Gone are the days of mixing cookie dough or cake batter on your own!

A hand mixer offers a variety of mixing speeds to effortlessly blend ingredients. These mixers also offer a variety of attachments, including:

  • A whisk
  • Dough hooks
  • Blender rod

2. Mix in any bowl

A hand mixer can be used in any bowl or container. You are not limited to putting your ingredients in the stand mixer bowl.

This allows you to mix as little or as much ingredients as needed. Versatility is the key of the kitchen!

3. Easy storage and usage

Hand mixers can be stored in a cabinet. This allows you to have more free counter space.

A hand mixer doesn’t require much set up. All you have to do is the attach the metal beaters. Easy set up means more time spent cooking.

What to look for when buying hand appliances

1. Don’t be afraid to pay for the brand.

Brand matters when it comes to small kitchen appliances. No matter if you are buying a blender vs mixer, buy a quality brand. A quality brand means you will get the best bang for your buck.

Reputable kitchen appliance brands offer warranties and top notch product. Well-known appliance brands include:

2. Hand-held vs. stand

With every stand-based appliance, you can find it available in a hand-held model. When purchasing small kitchen appliances, know which type of mixer or blender you need.

Do you need something with a lot of power? Looking for an appliance that is multi-use? If so, a stand mixer or blender may be more ideal.

If you are looking for a portable appliance that saves space and time, a hand-held is best. These appliances may be small, but they still pack a punch.

Counter space

Another consideration when deciding between hand-held vs. stand appliances is counter space. Hand-held appliances require no counter space. Stand-alone appliances need to be on the counter. Otherwise, it’s a lot of work to use and store these appliances.

Consider how much counter space you want to dedicate to appliances before purchasing.

3. Know your purpose

Blending and mixing aren’t the same. While it may seem silly, owning a blender and a mixer is a wise decision.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, buy with your purpose in mind. If you’re looking for help with baking, a hand mixer is more ideal. For other purposes, a hand blender is a wiser purchase.

Be a smart cook!

Being a smart cook is more than being a pro in the kitchen. A cook is only as good as his/her appliances!

Want to ensure you are buying the best appliances for your kitchen? Want to make the most-informed buying decision? Want to understand the difference between a blender vs mixer?

If so, check out Kitchen Tool Reviews before making any purchase. We offer a wide variety of reviews as well as helpful kitchen hacks.

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